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What is TPMS?
TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is a system that alerts you when the pressure in your tires has dropped and tires need inflation. This is done trough an electronic indicator in your dashboard. This helps you maintain the correct tire pressure and thus improving your vehicles handling, reducing tire wear, braking distance and fuel economy.

Why do cars have TPMS?
New EU legislation requires all new models of passenger cars sold in the EU to have a TPMS system installed from November 2012, and every new car from 2014.

How do I know whether by car is equipped with TPMS?
In order to identify whether your vehicle is equipped with TPMS just look for any of the above signs in your dashboard when you turn your ignition key to the ‘’on’’ position.

The TPMS indicator is on. What should I do?
Check the air pressure in your tires and inflate any tire that is low according to the manufacturer's recommendation. When the tire is at the appropriate pressure, the indicator light should go off. If not, visit a TIREFIX Service Point for a check. The technicians will perform all necessary check on the sensors and suggest the proper maintenance.

How can I get TPMS installed on my vehicle?
TIREFIX can offer TPMS installation at a very attractive price. TIREFIX is in cooperation with, VDO GmbH and Alligator GmbH, two leading manufacturers of TMPS systems. Please conduct your TIREFIX Service Point for information.

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