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Semperit is a product of Continental AG. Semperit produces technologically advanced tires for all those motorists who apply critical reasoning when it comes to buying tires and driving.What you will find convincing on Semperit tires is the safety, reliability and the first rate handling they offer. Whether your main concern is comfort or sporty performance from compact vehicles to sports cars, Semperit has the right choice for you. Quite simply, Semperit offers everyone an all-round ‘’Entire Performance’’.


A quality tire manufacturer from China. Sailun manufactures and distributes Sailun tires for various applications – passenger cars, medium radial truck, and off the road tires for all the major markets throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Sailun is building on real world testing and continuing to develop a motorsport proven product. Sailun collaborates closely with academic institutions to develop and improve formulation techniques, tire structure, tire testing methods and information technology. Combining its current research and production processes, Sailun creates an ideal research platform for experts, suppliers and institutions including Zhejiang University, National University of Defence Technology and Qingdao University of Science and technology.

Quality assurance is of utmost importance to Sailun and its advancement within the tire industry. Sailun advanced tracking system records the status of every tire produced at the factory, from creation to customer delivery. Prior to leaving the factory all tires undergo a final inspection process to ensure that the product shipped from the factory meets international expectations and market regulations.

International Accreditations

Sailun is accredited internationally and certified to meet the most stringent quality standards.Some of Sailun’s certifications include:

  • ISO9001 Quality Management Systems Certification
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems Certification
  • ISO/TS16949 Quality Management Systems Certification
  • China Compulsory Product Certification
  • United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification
  • E-Mark Certification from the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
  • National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) of Brazil Certification
  • Standards and Industrial Research Institute (SIRIM) of Malaysia Certification
  • Standard Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment (SONCAP) Certification

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